From Aspire to Hired: Learning to Code and Landing that Job

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I've helped people get into coding and land their first job as a developer. They did it. I did it. You can do it too!

Whether you're an aspiring developer just starting out, you're already on your learning journey, or you're at the start of your career and looking to grow, I can help.

I'm a freelance front end developer and coding mentor. I've enjoyed over 15 years in the tech industry, almost entirely in a development capacity. I've worked in some top notch jobs, some terrible ones, and everywhere in between.

I've been made redundant and found a new job within 2 days! This isn't some magic skill that I have or just tons of luck, but a combination of networking, determination, attitude, and learning what makes hiring managers tick to help stand out in a sea of candidates.

You've hopefully found your way here because you're both curious and looking for a hand in landing your first development job or moving on from the job you have now. Well my book and I are here to help!

This ebook pulls together a collection of my most popular articles including topics on:

  • Getting into development,
  • What to learn as a front end developer,
  • How to look for and land a job in the tech industry,
  • And a bonus section on surviving a remote role (a style of job that 2020 has made more popular)


  • Intro
  • What should you know as a frontend developer
  • Recognising and fighting imposter syndrome
  • Job hunting in the tech industry
  • Getting hired as a developer
  • BONUS CONTENT! Remote working tips and tricks

Is it really free?!

You bet it is!

I genuinely want to help everyone I can get into code and improve their chances of getting hired as a developer.

What I would like is for you to share this with people you know who would find it helpful. Tell them about it, give the link a share on Twitter, help me get it out there and help more people just like you.

Of course, you can pay what you feel and if you think this has been helpful then for the price of a burger, I'd be super grateful for anything received.

What other people have to say

"I would defiantly recommend working with Rob to any junior developers who are looking for a mentor, who specialise in working within the frontend side of development, and in freelancing. Rob has been part of my biggest JavaScript progression to date"

- Simeron Taak (Github)

"Many devs don't realize that, apart from coding, to excel at getting or keeping a job, you also need to have certain things like confidence, positive attitude and growth mentality. I never had these one year ago, Rob instilled them in me."

- Joel Mantoss (@PJMantoss)

"Rob has been awesome, he is very relaxed and approachable. Has helped with both technical problems as well as general career development"

- Asam Shan (Github)

I want this!

An ebook spanning a collection of career advice articles from my experiences as a front end developer

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From Aspire to Hired: Learning to Code and Landing that Job

10 ratings
I want this!